ASU Dataverse Research Data Repository User Guide


This guide contains user documentation for the ASU Research Data Repository, powered by the Dataverse software. You will find information about using ASU Dataverse and tools and templates for outreach and training. This guide is ever-growing and changing. While primarily aimed at researchers submitting their research data as a scholarly output of their work, it will also include information for people looking to find and use research data.

Find key repository features and our scope of services on the About page. If you are new to ASU Dataverse, we recommend reading through our Policies and then continuing to the Getting Started with Datasets pages. Users can find more detailed information on the official Dataverse software user guide.

Navigating the guide - The Main sections contain a table of contents with page links such as below. Alternatively, follow the page navigation links on the left to browse. You can also use the search box at the top of each page to locate terms that may exist on multiple pages.

Need help? Use our Researcher Support Contact form, select 'Dataverse General Questions,' and include the requested information.



We adopted this guide from the Texas Data Repository User Documentation site. The ASU Dataverse development and operations team recognizes their expertise and authorship.

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